Hello, my name is Mehmed Ali Caliskan. I am a software engineer and I run a software company named Tekhnelogos. I studied mechanical engineering, software engineering and philosophy in my university education and masters degree. I am married with two children and live in Istanbul, Turkey.

DelphiScience blog is a platform to share my personal work on scientific programming , artificial intelligence and mathematical/physical/biological/philosophical modelling. In addition to these subjects; as a Software Engineer and huge fan of Delphi, I will try to make a little science of Delphi also. Most of the code examples in this blog will be based on the new cross-platform framework Firemonkey which is introduced by Embercadero as the future of the software development. I will try to post articles on the usage and details of this new framework.

On the other hand, I am a huge fan of Mac computers and iPhone,iPad with the operating systems with in them. So in this blog, I will also share my MacOS and iOS programming experience with XCode and Objective-C.

Please feel free to contribute with your valuable comments and questions.  Also; I am always open for any personal communication about technical subjects. For personal mails, please use my Gmail address, malicaliskan.

Best Regards

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